Date for verification and obtaining photocopy of the answer book has been extended for Class X and Class XII. CBSE has been in the news a lot lately. Recently some students filed a petition against the CBSE for improper evaluation of their answer book. This created a storm as after this case, many other students also challenged the same. A sigh of relief for the students, as they can now take a look at their answer sheets if they are not satisfied with the score.

Candidates who appeared for Class X and Class XII 2017 examination need to apply online on CBSE official website for rechecking/verification or for obtaining a photocopy of the answer book. The last date for online submission for rechecking/verification for Class X and Class XII examination 2017 has been extended up to June 27, 2017, and for request of a photocopy of answer book has been extended to June 30, 2017, for both Class X and Class XII. The process for applying for such requests will remain the same though.

CBSE has assured the court that it would relax the verification scheme for the ease of the students and that all the request by the students will be looked upon on “First come First Serve” basis. The bench of Justice Manmohan and Yogesh Mohan ordered the CBSE to upload the marking scheme on its website within a period of two working days to which the CBSE has agreed on and assured the court about the same.

The fact to note is that the order from court had to be involved, in deciding the fate of the students. Many students were angry and furious, as they had to knock the door of the court, to intervene and advice CBSE to take appropriate actions and look into the matter to ensure that such mistake is not repeated again. CBSE earlier decided to scrap the re-evaluation policy, which itself created quite a stir. The bench, however, asked the CBSE for explanation on scrapping the re-evaluation policy and advised it to not to take such a step in a moment. The bench were quoted as saying “We have to balance the equity. Let us strike a balance and do it reasonably.”

Many allegations were also put on CBSE that it has threatened students to sign an undertaking stating that they would not approach the court as the photocopy of the answer sheets would be provided to them. However, the ASG argued that the board would not act upon the undertaking.

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