It was reported by several newspapers that CBSE has made mistakes in class 12th result 2017. Questions were raised on verification of same.

Now, Central Board of Secondary Education, on 19 June 2017, has published a press release with heading “CBSE Rechecking process explained: Nothing unprecedented”. Report by board explains how figures are similar to that of last year, and best efforts have been put in to ensure correctness of result. Read complete press release here.

CBSE Rechecking process explained: Nothing unprecedented

“CBSE carries a well-established evaluation process based on structured marking schemes prepared by experienced subject experts drawn from reputed schools affiliated to CBSE. The answer scripts of students are evaluated by deploying experienced subject teachers at more than 2000 evaluation centres located across India. This mammoth exercise is aimed to ensure that correct marks are reflected in the answer scripts as per the marking scheme.”

“Inspite of best efforts made by the experienced subject teachers, there may be possibility of human error in transferring marks to the title page of the answer scripts, summation of marks and manually posting of marks in the computer system. CBSE, being a responsive Board, has provision for verification of marks to facilitate students to avail the provision of rechecking of answer scripts where totaling of marks is done again, posting of marks on cover page of answer scripts is rechecked, intactness of supplementary answer scripts and un-assessed question, if any, is assessed afresh. The system of verification of marks aims to bring more transparency and confidence in the evaluation of answer scripts.”

“The news reports in some newspapers do not reflect the complete and correct picture of the whole evaluation process followed in CBSE. This year out of total answer scripts evaluated by CBSE for Class XII Examination 2017, only 2.47% answer scripts were applied for verification by the students. Similarly figures for Examination 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 2.31%, 2.09% and 2.53% respectively. This shows that there is no unprecedented increase in number of applications for verification as stated in some news reports.”

“After verification of answer scripts for Class XII Examination 2017, the fact emerged that there was change in marks in 0.091% of answer scripts with only 0.002% cases where there was change in marks by 26 or more. It highlights that there is no pervasive totaling error as written in certain media reports earlier.”

“CBSE has done away with the process of re-evaluation on the basis of decision taken by its Examination Committee and the Governing Body in June 2016 mainly on account of the following reasons:

a. The data suggests that there is no change in marks after re-evaluation in more than 99.98% cases.
b. The option of verification of marks and photocopies is already available to the students as per procedure notified by CBSE on 29.05.2017.”

“It is again reiterated that utmost precautions are taken by CBSE to evaluate the answer scripts of the students keeping in view their future prospects. CBSE has always made efforts to be a pro-student board. It is also appropriate to say that CBSE has one of the most transparent systems in the country.”

CBSE makes mistake in marks calculation in Class 12 exams

Mistake on the part of CBSE added further stress on students. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declared Class 12 board exam results on May 28, 2017 on its official website. Around 10,98,420 candidates gave class 12 examination this year. There have been reports that raise question on the authenticity of this result.

This year saw many changes in the evaluation system conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. Last year, the CBSE decided to do away with the practice of revaluation for board examination papers. In recent reports this has led to drastic dip in this year’s result. Students across the country were disappointed with their marks.

The following table shows two students who applied for verification at CBSE this year:

Name Original Marks After Revaluation
Sonali 68 95
Samiksha 42 90

In defense of this policy CBSE’s lawyer stated that the re-evaluation policy was scrapped as it benefitted only 0.21 per cent students out of the 10 lakh students who took the board exams. He also claimed that the re-verification has been carried out and there is no change in student’s marks. Further, the lawyer said the result of re-verification would be uploaded on their official website soon. As of now, the court has yet to passed any order on the student’s pleas for re-evaluation.

According to another new policy adopted by CBSE, students are to gain up to 15 per cent extra marks in certain papers if the questions are deemed to be difficult. Reports speculate the authenticity of the results announced and call CBSE’s marks moderation policy as unfair. CBSE claims this was to bring uniformity in the evaluation system.

There have been many new petitions filed by both parents and students against these policies. They have been reasoned as the cause of inflation of results across school boards.

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