The CBSE released the date sheet for Class 12th board exam on January 10, 2018. Ever since the release of datesheet, it’s like somebody opened the pandora’s box of amid outcry from the students. Though a lot of students sighed relief and started strategizing their preparation as per the exam schedule, many students stated that it was unfair for the Board to give them fewer gaps to prepare for the exam.

The worries of the students are not unheard by the Board. One of the biggest worries was for the students who opted for Physical Education, as its exam was on the next day of JEE Main Pen and Paper based. Well, there is a good news for such students. The CBSE has revised the exam date for Physical Education and it will now be held on April 13, 2018, now. Other than this, the exam date for other subjects is still the same.

The Board has given valid reasons to the students on why there are fewer gaps. The tight schedule for Board exam has been decided so that the students get enough time to prepare for entrance examination like JEE Main, KCET, MU OET, etc. The national, state, and university level examination usually start in the month of April. Hence, the Board aims to finish the 10th and 12th examinations by the 2nd week.

The CBSE authorities have not yet declared revision of exam date for any other subject. Also, there are now less chances of CBSE revising Class 12th date sheet. The revision for the date of Physical Education is done because JEE Main 2018 Pen and Paper based exam is a day before the practical examination, Earlier the exam for Physical Education was supposed to held on April 09, 2018, however now its date has been changed. Though the students were given the facility of application form correction in JEE Mains, but they were not allowed to change the mode of exam.

At this crucial time, now that exams are so near instead of lamenting over a seemingly messed up date sheet, students are advised to focus on preparing for the Board exam. Doesn’t matter how much time gaps are there in the datesheet, if the candidate is well prepared for the exam nothing can come in his/her way for success.

There are around 200 subjects out of which students can have any combination. Students have such subject combination that science students take up one from the humanities and commerce subjects and vice-versa. So, no matter how much the officials try some subjects might not get as many gap days as others.

the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

Remember that at the time of examination, all that would matter will be your preparation and not the flaws in the Board date sheet. There have been so many reports regarding the disappointment of students, teachers and parents over the Class 12th Board Date Sheet. The students need to know that the Date sheet is published considering various factors in mind, which might not look reasonable now but will be later on.

Though stressing over the fewer gaps is also justified. Students very well know how important the Board exams are, as they shape their future. If anything goes wrong during the time of Board exams, it worries the students. With no gaps being given in the exam, automatically they started worrying on how will they prepare for the next exam within a day only?How should they study in these 02 months now?

At this moments, the parents, teachers or the guardians can help the students. Guide them to not to worry about the less gaps in between the exam and prepare their best. Give them a positive environment and be supportive of them. Sit with them and talk to them about their problems.

The Board exam for CBSE Class 12th start from 05th March and ends on April 13, 2018. The first will be of English. The date sheet has been prepared in a way so that all the 200 subjects were covered by the first week of April as competitive exams such as the JEE start after that.

There are so many students of Science, Commerce and Humanities stream still worrying over the flaws in datesheet. What is the advice that you can give to them and what is your preparation strategy for the Board’s exam? Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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  1. NATA exams are on 29th april so how can i go to india from dubai after 13th april and take classes for nata in india and is 16 days enough for nata preparation. Why didnt they prepone the physical test instead of postponing it.

  2. In my view prepration can not be done overnight.prepare well as there is not enough time for revise . Keep both body and mind fit by taking good food for body and.meditaion dor mind.

  3. I hope they realize that Science students are over pressurized by having only a day’s gap for preparation. It was better they started off with Physics and then English , if they were so keen on finishing exams within the stipulated time.
    Moreover , a kind reminder to the Examination committee. Its high time one realized that teachers who have a teaching experience of more than 30 years and above discuss and deliberate for months and set the toughest of question papers and expect students who are not even aged half of their teaching experience to attempt the paper within three hours time .
    As history has shown students come out crying from the hall which is then followed by lots of pleas which results in an instruction for liberal valuation . But then , my question is will the examiners give marks for unattempted questions because many a student do not get time to attempt their unbreakable questions .

    The moral of the story : The question paper setters and timetable setters should stand in the shoes of the students and then do their work.

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