In order to reduce the total time-period of the Board examinations, and to increase the time available for the evaluation of Exam Papers, the CBSE has planned to hold the board exams for the 10th and 12th classes on the same days in two shifts of Morning and Afternoon. This move has been made by the board after a meeting with the Principals of the Top Schools in the Delhi- NCR region. However, the decision isn’t final yet as the recommendation is yet to be reviewed by the two-panel committees which had been set up to look into and implement plans for improvement in the evaluation process of the CBSE Board Examinations.

The two- Panel committee was set up in June to improve the evaluation system of the CBSE Examinations as there were a lot of problems with it in the 2017 Board Examinations. Firstly, in April this year, the Board had decided to remove its moderation policy which allowed an addition of grace marks on difficult questions. This decision didn’t go down well with the students and the parents as a result of which many pleas and complaints were filed against the CBSE. Following which CBSE decided to continue with the Moderation Policy under the order of the Delhi High Court in May. Secondly, this issue led to a delay in the declaration of the Board Examination results of class 10th & 12th. Thirdly, the Board also faced heat from many students who complained about major errors in the totaling and verification of marks, which led to the students and parents requesting the re-introduction of the re-evaluation policy. CBSE in October 2016, had decided to scrap the re-evaluation policy (which allows the students to have their whole answer scripts re-checked) post the results. But then this year in July, following the complaints of students regarding the removal of the reevaluation process, the CBSE Board had to reintroduce the process again after an order from the Delhi High Court.

Following these troubles, the CBSE has been taking efforts to ease the evaluation processes post the examination. Recently, CBSE had also introduced a plan to hold the Board Exams one month earlier than before, i.e., in the month of February. This move would also help in increasing the time available for the teachers appointed by the CBSE to check the exam papers and allow proper verification and checking without major errors.

The Board Examinations until now have never been held in the afternoon time and it will be interesting to see how the plans are organized in the Examination centers to hold 2 exams in a day at different time intervals. Also, the Exams have always been held on March and go on until Mid-April for a period of nearly 45 days. The next year would include many changes in the Board exam schedule and CBSE result dates, and would not only allow proper evaluation by teachers and reduce errors in marking and verification but might also be useful for the students of Class 12 in their preparation for the various entrance exams of undergraduate courses which generally happen post the Board Examinations.

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