Semester exams in colleges are long over. Many of you may have finally decided to take a plunge to crack CAT. What exactly needs to be preparation strategy for CAT 2017 aspirants who start preparations in July? This is one question many academicians have come across in past few days. A comprehensive answer to it involves outlining study plan, preparation material, and boost.

We already know that IIM Lucknow will organize CAT 2017, and Professor Neeraj Dwivedi shall convene it. Whether IIM L will bring any changes to exam pattern or not remains to be seen. As of now, it is a good idea to go ahead with general CAT exam syllabus and stick to it. So first of all, for preparations starting in July, you need to know where to begin.

Begin with knowing what Common Admission Test is all about. To do that, either go for a mock test, or pick up a book with past year questions of it. If you are going for a book, then take one CAT test in test duration. Now you know what you are up against. From this you will also know which type of questions you will find easy and which ones as tough. From here on, you are ready for next thing to do.

Now have CAT exam syllabus in one place. From mock test(s) taken, know which topics you need to focus on first. Of those topics, study theoretical concepts and practice at least 10-15 questions. It is recommended that since you have less time than other competitors, find a teacher who can take you through theory quickly. Or you can find good video lectures online to help you out there. Do 50 questions on basic topics. Repeat with all difficult topics and conclude them before end of July. In between, keep taking mock tests.

Pay attention to topics you think you are already good at. They are your sword in this battle; sharpen it. If you know a topic well then your focus on them should be to improve speed and accuracy. To do that, practice is key. Solving 50 questions in a go is a good idea here. Keep an eye out for tips and tricks to solve types of questions so that you can solve them in less time. Being good at mathematics, having a good reading comprehension, is useful.

You must devote at least 4-6 hours of studies in a day. If studying for long hours is tough, with your schedule, break it down into 3 hours morning and evening. If you are a working professional, then wake up early or burn midnight oil with CAT 2017 close at heels!

CAT exam date will be in November of December. You will know exact date by beginning of August. Read newspapers and good English books to build reading speed and ability to comprehend what is read. Have discussions with serious CAT aspirants who can guide you if you get stuck in any topic, and minimize distractions.

In October and November, one need only take mocks and solve previous year exam papers. In meantime if you are solving simulated CAT tests then analyse them, re-solve questions that you couldn’t in exam. Above all, keep your morale high and surround yourself with positive people who can help in your journey. Coaching is a necessity many may say, however you will find ample examples of people who succeeded without them. If you are determined, you will succeed!

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