The B.Ed. counselling for H.P. University started from 28 Jul 2017 saw a substantial rush of candidates this year. The candidates showed a lot of interest & enthusiasm for the two years B.Ed. course.

As a matter of revelation for the first time near about 78% of the seats are filled in the first round of counselling. It has never happened that only 22% of the total seats including the management quota are vacant after the first round of counselling.

The reason for such an immense turnout of desirous candidates this year is the improving condition of B.Ed. institutions in terms of infrastructure and other necessities as per the NCTE norms 2014 within the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The management of various colleges have established their campuses as per the NCTE norms and appointed qualified staff and arranged the appropriate study material .

The continuous inspections of NCTE HPU SIT Regulatory Commission and Hon’ble High Court has played a determined role in improving the conditions of the B.Ed. institutions. Such drastic improvements and proper management has resulted in a good training environment within the campus.

An enormous number of qualified 11984 candidates appeared for the entrance test which is more than double than the results in 2007, out of which 2127 where from the Medical stream , 3498 candidates were from Non-medical stream and 6359 candidates are from Arts stream. The qualified candidates appeared before the admissions counselling team from 28,July 2017 till August 13,2017 in H.P. University auditorium Shimla.

The total number of vacant seats are 1586 including the management quota seats which are 578 in number which are supposed to be filled by the management out of the eligible candidates who appeared for the test or are eligible as per the Handbook of information 2017-19. Therefore total number of vacant seats are 1586-578=1008.

Due, to such massive turnout this year the candidates who could not appear for the counselling due to some constraints have been trying to get admissions either telephonically or personally visiting the university again.

All H.P. affiliated institutes have an intake capacity i.e. there are 23 colleges with intake capacity of 50 students. Out of 73 colleges 43 colleges can accept 100 students. The remaining 7 colleges can give admissions to 200 students.

On 12 Aug 2017 a special meeting of Central B.Ed. admissions committee was held to take a course of plan in regard to the vacant seats in the self financing institutions in the office of Dean of CDC.

Since, 16 Aug 2017 marks the beginning of the new session. It was decided that the self financing institutes would be allowed to fill the seats including the management quota seats at their own level. But, it was stated that only the candidates that appeared and qualified the entrance test and met the eligibility criterias were allowed to get admission.

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