ALLEN Career Institute is a popular name when it comes to Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical coaching. The Kota based institute now launches ALLEN Champ 2018 which is the fifth edition of this programme. ALLEN seeks to recognise the academically talented students across the country through ALLEN Champ.

Director Naveen Maheshwari said that “ALLEN Champ is a unique and one of its kind National level Initiative taken by ALLEN to honour and mentor the students who are recognised across the globe for being a winner of any prestigious national or international examination.” Moreover, this programme sets the foundation for providing a national level platform to the best brains. Together, these talented students whose minds are brimming with intellect and academic strength, become a part of a strong academic network. This, in turn, helps them share knowledge and positively compete among themselves.

Meritorious students from classes 4th to 10th who come under the Champ programme are rewarded and mentored by the best academic team of ALLEN Career Institute throughout their academic career. The program came into being in the year 2014.

Registration and nomination process is free for participating students. To register, you can log on to the website and submit nomination details in prescribed format. Here one has to submit past academic achievements and based on their performances they will be selected for the further round of selection. Please note that students of classes 4th to 10th are eligible to nominate themselves for ALLEN Champ 2018. One thing to keep in mind is that students nominating himself or herself for ALLEN Champ must have at least one achievement in the session 2017-2018 while filling up the nomination form. Students who have already participated in the past ALLEN Champ editions can apply for this edition also but the top 3 ranker are not eligible to participate for the 2 consecutive years from the winning year.

Upon nominating by submitting registration the step that follows is contact number and email address verification. This is mandatory for each participant. ALLEN Career Institute will shortlist and invite students for final round based on the nomination of 10 best students from each class. The final round is known as ALLEN Champions Day.

On ALLEN Champions Day, students will have to face a jury. This comprises the final round of selection. Besides the academic achievements of the students in reputed competitive examination, event or Olympiad of national and international level, the jury members will assess them in various areas like aptitude, language skills, and exposure after which final crowning positions of Allen Champ Ranks 1 to 10 will be decided. On the very same day students will be rewarded according their ranks along with their parents. Cash prizes, Gold and Silver medals, Trophy and Certificates will be given to top 10 students according to their ranks.

It is worth noting that the Parents and the Schools will also be recognised on this national platform along with the top 10 students. All the successful students (ACR 1-10) from each class will become a part of an elite club “Allen Champions Club”.

The club aims to ensure holistic development of the student. It enables the student to meet and stay connected with Allen family. They will be eligible to attend the Mentorship meets, workshops, seminars organised by Allen regularly. Allen champs will also get a helpline number on which they can call for support in academic & non-academic areas. The nomination process has begun and the students may apply at or call 0744-515-6100.

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